BDMPI - Big Data Message Passing Interface  Release 0.1
Compiling BDMPI Programs

BDMPI provides two helper programs bdmpicc and bdmpic++ for compiling and linking BDMPI programs written in C and C++, respectively. These programs are simple Perl scripts that setup the appropriate include paths for header files and libraries based on the installation path that you specified when building BDMPI (i.e., specified via the prefix option in CMake) and then call either gcc or g++. All source files of a BDMPI program should be compiled with these programs.

If for some reason you cannot use them, make sure that your include paths contain


and for linking you include

  -LPREFIX/lib/bdmpi -lbdmpi -lGKlib -lrt -lm -ldl

In both cases, PREFIX is the directory that you specified in the prefix option when you built BDMPI (Setting up BDMPI).