Creating a ParMETIS/METIS static library without CMake

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I have a colleague who is trying to integrate ParMETIS with their code. Unfortunately due to various reasons CMake is not (and will not be) available on their machines. They have had some success in trying to build the static library without using Cmake, but there are some functions referenced which do not appear to be in the source tree, such as: isrand, iincnet, rpqUpdate, rpqDestroy ...

I have CMake available to me, and have built ParMETIS successfully (and integrated with their code) on my machine with CMake. My colleague would like me to see if the previously mentioned routines are created as part of the build process, so that they could be extracted and thus enable him to build his non-CMake version.

So, does anyone know where the source for those functions can be found in the Metis/ParMETIS directory structure, or how they are generated? Also, is it even feasible to build the static libraries without using CMake?

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RE: These functions are created

These functions are created via macros in libmetis/gklib.c and libmetis/gklib_defs.h.