NULL Pointer Troubles using METIS5.1.0 with FORTRAN90


I'm trying to use a newer version of the METIS library(have been using 4.1.0). One thing that I peculiar thing that I have noticed is that the number of arguments in the old METIS4.1.0 call to METIS_PartitionGraphKway() does not match the listed number of arguments for the function in the manual for METIS4.1.0. It's been a while since I programmed in C++, but I do remember that a function can be overloaded depending on the number and type of arguments. Is there something like that for this function?

My other issue is that in the manuals it says to just pass NULL to the function if we don't want to use a particular option. I assume that optional arguments are the ones that have (NULL) next to them in the manual.

This is what I currently have in the code. I based it off of what I have read in the manual and also what I've seen on the forums.
INTEGER,POINTER :: vwgt(:)=>null(),vsize(:)=>null(),adjwgt(:)=>null()
REAL(8),POINTER :: tpwgts(:)=>null(),ubvec(:)=>null()
call METIS_SetDefaultOptions(metisOptions)
metisOptions(17) = 1
CALL METIS_PartGraphKway(pGrid%nCellsTot,1,f2cCSRInfo,f2cCSR,vwgt,vsize,adjwgt,global%nRegionsLocal,tpwgts,ubvec,metisOptions,pGrid%nFacesCut,pGrid%sc2r)


pGrid%nCellsTot -- Type INTEGER
global%nRegionsLocal -- Type INTEGER
pGrid%nFacesCut -- Type INTEGER

I get the following error when I use the definitions above with METIS5.1.0:

forrtl: severe (408): fort: (7): Attempt to use pointer VSIZE when it is not associated with a target

The only places where VSIZE shows up is 1.) In the NULL pointer definition at the top of the file and 2.) In the argument list to METIS_PartGraphKway.

I'm just partitioning an unstructured tetrahedral mesh into N pieces. I'm not really interested in using any of the customization options, which is why I passed NULL pointers for all of the arguments that could be NULL.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Let me know if additional information is required.

Thank you,


RE: I should note that I'm trying

I should note that I'm trying to use the 32bit METIS5.1.0, which is the same as the METIS4.0.1 that was being used.