Influence in Ratings-Based Recommender Systems: An Algorithm-Independent Approach

Al Mamunur Rashid, George Karypis, and John Riedl
SIAM International conference on Data Mining, 2005
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Recommender systems have been shown to help users and items of interest from among a large pool of potentially interesting items. Influence is a measure of the effect of a user on the recommendations from a recommender system. Influence is a powerful tool for understanding the workings of a recommender system. Experiments show that users have widely varying degrees of influence in ratings-based recommender systems. Proposed influence measures have been algorithm-speciffic, which limits their generality and comparability. We propose an algorithm-independent definition of influence that can be applied to any ratings-based recommender system. We show experimentally that influence may be effectively estimated using simple, inexpensive metrics.
Research topics: Collaborative filtering