Adaptive repartition


I've used ParMetis to partition and distribute a graph. I'm then modifying the graph along the way and want to rebalance it along the processes.

So, I rebuild the vtxdist, xadj, and adjncy arrays and things work fine when I call ParMETIS_V3_PartKway (). I don't care about weights so I'm keeping the weight arrays/parameters as NULL and 0 where needed.

That works fine.

If I try using ParMETIS_V3_AdaptiveRepart () however [using the same inputs and NULL for vsize, 1000 for itr), the function dies with a core dump and no error message. Tried setting vsize to contain 1's, random numbers, id's --- no difference. What confounds me is things work (properly) for _V3_PartKway with the same input!

I must be doing something weird with the inputs, but can't figure it out. Please help.