Bug in METIS_NodeND or in gcc?

I have just tried to use METIS_NodeND to renumber some matrix. I get a coredump in the routine __PQueueUpdateUp.
Thinking maybe I am doing something wrong, I decided to run onmetis on the metish.mesh file. Core dump again. gdb gives me:
#0 0x0805842e in __PQueueUpdateUp ()
#1 0x08050e42 in __FM_2WayNodeRefine_OneSided ()
#2 0x0804d23a in __Refine2WayNode ()
#3 0x0804bd74 in __MlevelNestedDissection ()
#4 0x0804cae5 in METIS_NodeND ()
#5 0x08048b6d in main ()

I presume onmetis must have worked in the past, so I wonder if there's a bug in gcc 4.0.3? Otherwise can someone help?