Can I get the hMetis library for x86-64 and MacOS

Dear hMetis developers:

I am a graduate student of Washington University in St. Louis, now we are planning to use hMetis to promote the partitioning quality in one of our projects. We've found that hMetis is quick. Unfortunately, we have to migrate our programs to a 64bit server. As you know, we can only download the libhmetis.a for Linux(x86-32bit). If we ignore the warning in the compile time, we will get segmentation fault in the runtime. So I am sorry to ask if you can build a x86-64 version and put in on the web for download(or email to me)? Additionally, a lot of guys in our group including me usually use MacOS-X to do coding work, so if it is possible, can you also release a MacOS version? En, I don't know if it is possible, but we are very eager to get a x86-64 version and MacOS version to continue our research.

If possible, you can feel free to contact me if you want to know more about our requirements or ask us to test the hmetis on different platforms. (We have almost all possible platforms in our lab ranging for Solaris to FreeBSD/MacOS).

Eric XU

Research Assistant