Beginner user of parmetis

Dear colleagues

I’m a Phd candidate (Just started) in mechanical engineering at School of Mechanical Engineering at Federal University of Uberlândia, Brazil, and my intent is to use the parmetis routines for solving computational fluid dynamics involving compressible turbulent flows over complexes geometries and in the presence of combustion.
I would like to know if any of you could help me showing at least some parts of a code in Fortran 90 or 95, that uses parmetis. I’m having some difficulties in finding examples of parmetis in Fortran.

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João Marcelo

RE: João, Unfortunately, I do


Unfortunately, I do not have such codes. Maybe someone else can provide.

RE: Two more questions

First of all, thank you for the attention.
I have two more questions:
1 - Could you tell me if the sintaxe when calling the subroutines is the same in C and in Fortran?
2 - Is it really possible to use Parmetis in Fortran 90? I haven't seeing it yet...


RE: The syntax between C and

The syntax between C and Fortran is the same. As far as Fortran 90, the answer I believe is yes as I know of people using it.