duplicating results with scluster and CLUTO_SP_ClusterDirect

I am wondering if I should be able to get the same results when I use scluster clmethod=direct and the library function CLUTO_SP_ClusterDirect. I am using the same crfun, seed, niter, and ntrials. The clustering solutions are typically close, but not the same. Furthermore, when I use CLUTO_S_GetSolutionQuality and compare it to the value of crfun reported by scluster, they are very different.

I am wondering if I should be able to duplicate the results this way, using the same seed? If so, should the quality value reported by CLUTO_S_GetSolutionQuality be identical to that reported by scluster, or is there some scaling?

Also, does it matter what values the similarity matrix has on the diagonal? (sim(v,v)). I tried using 1 and 0 and got very different crfun values, as well as slightly different clustering solutions with the same seed.