Out of netind memory

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I've tried running khmetis on a hypergraph consisting of >20000 hyperedges and just 190-200 vertices. I attempted to run for NParts = 2 and got the follownig message: "Out of netind memory". Am wondering if anyone has faced the same problem as mine and what possible solutions/alternatives there are. I am running on a Linux machine with 2GB RAM.

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RE: Out of netind memory

Hello, I meet with the same problem.
My case:
OS: Ubuntu 11.04
Memory: 4GB
hyperedges: about 50000
vertices: about 10000
Version: hmetis-1.5-linux
I try for Nparts = 2,4,8. but all return the same error: Out of netind memory.

RE: Hey, I am running into

Hey, I am running into similar trouble. The hypergraphs I try to partition have approximately 50-100 Vertices and below 300 hyperedges (I cannot state exact numbers, as the hypergraphs are created by another algorithm during runtime). The error "Out of netind memory" seems to appear rather randomly. Is there any way to avoid it?

Greetings and thx.


RE: which version of hmetis are

which version of hmetis are you using?