ParMetis Error Message

about to call ParMETIS, ubvec = 1.050000
Error! ***Memory allocation failed for PreAllocateMemory: wspace->core. Requested size: -1077936124 bytesforrtl: error (76): Abort trap signal
Image PC Routine Line Source 000000336B630215 Unknown Unknown Unknown 000000336B631CC0 Unknown Unknown Unknown


above is the error message I got when I run a relatively big partitioning job. all the smaller data setups work. does this mean I'm running to the limit in the sense of memory allocation size?

many thanks


RE: This is a ParMetis bug as it

This is a ParMetis bug as it assumes the size for memory is an int and not a size_t.
You may be able to edit its core memory allocation routines (gkmalloc) to overcome this problem.