contigous mesh, ncon parameter,


I am using ParMETIS_V3_PartMeshKway to partition my mesh, if it is not contiguous I am having some bug which doesn't
appear for small meshes, therefore, it is not easy to hunt that bug. Basically, I need contiguous subdomain.

I was doing random experiment with function parameters, I always set "ncon" as one, but this time I changed to 2, all my bugs have been gone away.

There is a phrase in ParMetis documentation " If ncon is greater than one, the target sub-domain weights for each
sub-domain are stored contiguously", I din't quite understand what it means,

does it mean contiguous sub domain if I use ncon > 1? if so, could you explain me why? if not, how can I
force ParMetis for contiguous sub-domains?

I read all forum posted questions in the past, I understand ParMetis doesn't guarantee this, but sometime ago in METIS form George mentioned (for METIS) that it will be an option for enforcing contiguous sub-domain (posted two year-ago).