How to partition EDGES by using METIS

Hi I am parallelizing my finite volume code using MPI. And I use the free METIS software to partition my triangular unstructured mesh. I read the Metis and ParaMetis manuals and I do not know if I have lost the point, but I did not find a METIS routine than partitions the mesh in a way that each partition has the same (or almost the same) number of edges (with edge I mean the side of the triangle). Metis either partitions the vertices (for finite element codes) or the cells (for finite volume code). In my case, since I use the telescopic property of conservative equations, within each time step I update my cell values by running a cycle through the sides, since all I have to compute is fluxes through the sides. So in order to have a balanced load between processors I have to distribute evenly the edges between the processor, and I do not gain this result if I partition the cells. Do you have any suggestion please?Have I maybe lost this feature in METIS?thanks

RE: One way of computing a

One way of computing a partition that balances the number of edges is to just create a graph in which the edges are the vertices and two vertices (i.e., edges in the mesh) are connected via an edge if they are incident on the same node. You can then partition this graph and you will obtain a balanced partitioning of the edges.