Missing edge error

I've been using Metis 4 and just downloaded Metis 5 to try out. I'm using the API calls to
METIS_PartGraphKway and METIS_PartGraphRecursive. The calls seem mostly the same as Metis 4
with a few minor changes to the argument list. Now when I try to partition using a graph,
I get the following error:

Missing edge: (23 22)!
A total of 1 errors exist in the input file. Correct them, and run again!

I get this error on a number of cases which work in Metis 4. I'm using the same graph
structure as in Metis 4 (eg, xadj and adjncy arrays) and I'm calling from a C program.
I'm using defaults for all the other inputs. Is the graph structure any different in
Metis 5?

I downloaded '5.0 Release candidate (5.0rc3)' in which the metis.h file shows

RE: The graph structure has not

The graph structure has not changed. However, Metis 5.0 does check the consistency of the input graph. So an error like that will indicate that there is an edge from 22 to 23 but there is no edge from 23 to 22. Note the numbers may be shifted by one due to the numbering. I suggest you write your graph into a file in Metis' format and run the graph checking program on it.

If the problem persist, open an issue on the bug tracking system along with info to reproduce the error.