HELP with libmetis.a

My code calls in-build metis function : "metis_wpartgraphrecursive_", `metis_wpartgraphkway_''metis_wpartgraphvkway_'
To handle this, i use 'libmetis.a' while compiling my code and successfully worked till date.
But I have recently switched to a new place and here in hpc system I am having trouble with 'libmetis.a'. If I compile metis to generate 'libmetis.a' and use it in my code, it gives me following error during compilation of my code with 'libmetis.a'
xx.f:373: undefined reference to `metis_wpartgraphrecursive_'
xx.f:399: undefined reference to `metis_wpartgraphkway_'
xx.f:425: undefined reference to `metis_wpartgraphkway_'
xx.f:450: undefined reference to `metis_wpartgraphvkway_'
(i) I have tried metis-5 but did not work and giving same error
(ii) I have tried parmetis-4 and use libparmetis.a, that even did not work. Also, while installing parmetis-4, it does not create 'libmetis.a', only generates 'libparmetis.a'. Just wondering is it supposed to do that ? or also should generate 'libmetis.a'

Please suggest me on this if I am missing something and need to try something else to get my code working.

RE: This is probably due to the

This is probably due to the difference in the Fortran compiler used in the new place. Metis 5.0 does define the symbols with the "_" suffix, so in principle it should have worked. Of course, you need to update your code to use the new API routines in Metis 5.0.