Can METIS partition non-conformal mesh elements?

I am encountering the following issue:
1. The geometry is huge and is cut into say 10 pieces.
2. Each cut geometry is meshed independently, therefore the domain interfaces contains non-conformal (mismatched) triangles.
3. Now these 10 mesh files need to be re-partitioned. I know METIS accept a element list and their node list. And then repartition it. Now, if those elements are not necessarily conformal, can METIS still process them?

RE: If I understand the context

If I understood the context correctly, Metis should be able to partition each of the 10 pieces.

RE: No, what I mean is that can

No, what I mean is that can metis partition non-conformal elements within the same mesh.

RE: It should, as the scheme that

It should, as the scheme that it uses to build the graph that it partitions does not depend on the mesh being conformal.