Metis ordering works on one mesh and not on other

I've got 2 meshes.
1. I convert it to graph using METIS
2. Renumber using METIS
3. Export to VTK (it looks good on 1st grid)
But second crashed on

int result = METIS_NodeND(&nn, xadj, adjncy, NULL, options, perm, iperm);

Debuging said that it fails on

GK_MKPQUEUE(ipq, ipq_t, ikv_t, idx_t, idx_t, ikvmalloc, IDX_MAX, key_gt)

(gklib.c, 33 line).

Can anyone help me how can I fix it?

RE: I use metis 5.0.2 x64 for

I use metis 5.0.2 x64 for Win.