Memory allocation error for partitioning a mesh of126 million cells


I was unable to use METIS_PartMeshDual (or METIS_PartMeshNodal) of Metis-4.0 to partition a mesh of 126 million cells. The mesh consisted of homogeneous tetrahedrons. The partitioning calculation was made on a Linux-OS workstation of 256 GB RAM, and when the calculation failed, it only used about 2.1% of the RAM and had an error message as follows.

Error! ***Memory allocation failed for AllocateWorkSpace: edegrees. Requested size: -283851424 bytes Abort (core dumped)

The same code including the Metis library has been working fine for a few years with many meshes of up to 42 million tetrahedrons. The detail of the tetrahedral mesh which could not be partitioned with success is as follows.

Number of vertices: 21,317,847
Number of faces: 1,480,940
Number of cells: 125,717,606

Any input for a resolution is appreciated.


RE: Use Metis 5.0.

Use Metis 5.0.

RE: Were you able to resolve

Were you able to resolve this? I was getting this error and I am no wusing parmetis4.0.3 but still no success. It gives me following error -

about to call METIS...
Current memory used: 384 bytes
Maximum memory used: 384 bytes
***Memory allocation failed for SetupCtrl: maxvwgt. Requested size: 240518168584 bytes
made it back from METIS. edgecut = 0

Any suggestions?