SUGGEST: Recommendation Engine

SUGGEST is currently distributed in a binary format and consists a stand-alone executable program and a library, which can be used to call SUGGEST's routines directly from another application.

Getting the files
The first step in using SUGGEST is to download the distribution file for your architecture.
Download the file that matches your architecture
Linux Sun OS MS Windows
The distribution of SUGGEST consists of a Unix gziped tar file (except the Win32 binary which is zip file).
After downloading SUGGEST you need to uncompress and untar it. This is achieved by executing the following command:
gunzip suggest-1.0-xxxxx.tar.gz

tar -xvf suggest-1.0-xxxxx.tar
At this point you should have a directory named suggest-1.5-xxxxx. This directory contains SUGGEST's stand-alone programs and its user-callable library.
Instructions describing how SUGGEST is used can be found at suggest-1.0-xxxxx/manual.pdf.

You can get a local copy of this manual in PDF format from here.