METIS 5.x Survey

We are in the process of working on the next release of METIS and we need some feedback regarding some of the changes we are planning to do and guidance for additional features and functionality that needs to be incorporated.

Can you please take a moment and fill-in this survey as it will help us in prioritizing some of the work.

Since time and resources are not unlimited, please try to mark as "Yes" the five items that you think are most important.

User information

Please enter your first and last name.

Please enter the name of your organization.

Please enter your email address.

Briefly describe how and for what problems you use METIS.


Do you want METIS to produce contiguous partitions at any cost?

Do you want METIS to provide the option for trading runtime for partitioning quality?


Do you want to be able to define the exact width of the edge-weight data type?

Do you have a need for vertex- or edge-weights that are floating point numbers?

Command-line and library interfaces

Will you mind if there are changes in METIS's API?

Should METIS provide a FORTRAN-friendly API?

Do you want the command-line interface to provide the full functionality of the API (e.g., compute partitions of pre-specified sizes, minimize the communication volume, etc)


Do you want METIS to provide some form of thread-based parallelism?

Do you want METIS to include some out-of-core capabilities?

Please provide any additional comments and suggestions that you may have.

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