I make it my practice to provide online versions of the research papers that I have (co)-authored over the years. Besides the list bellow, information about my research papers can be found at Google Scholar and ResearchGate.

These papers have been broadly categorized into seven different areas:

Includes papers on clustering, classification, pattern discovery, and graph mining.
Includes papers related to our research on multilevel graph and circuit partitioning algorithms and their applications.
Includes papers on protein structure prediction, remote homology prediction, fold recognition, sequence clustering and classification, and string kernels.
Includes papers on small molecule descriptors, virtual screening, compound classification, scaffold-hopping, and compound retrieval.
Includes papers on search, meta-search, dimensionality reduction, and document clustering and classification.
Includes papers on algorithms for recommender systems.
Includes papers describing parallel algorithms for problems in dynamic programming, data mining, graph partitioning, heuristic tree search, and papers scheduling and load balancing parallel computations.
Includes papers on direct and iterative methods for solving linear systems of equations, preconditioners, linear programming, and load balancing mesh-based computations.