L2Knng: Fast Exact K-Nearest Neighbor Graph Construction with L2-Norm Pruning

David C. Anastasiu and George Karypis
24th ACM International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management (CIKM), 2015
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The k-nearest neighbor graph is often used as a building block in information retrieval, clustering, online advertising, and recommender systems algorithms. The complexity of constructing the exact k-nearest neighbor graph is quadratic on the number of objects that are compared, and most existing methods solve the problem approximately. We present L2Knng, an efficient algorithm that finds the exact cosine similarity k-nearest neighbor graph for a set of sparse high-dimensional objects. Our algorithm quickly builds an approximate solution to the problem, identifying many of the most similar neighbors, and then uses theoretic bounds on the similarity of two vectors, based on the l2-norm of part of the vectors, to find each object’s exact k-neighborhood. We perform an extensive evaluation of our algorithm, comparing against both exact and approximate baselines, and demonstrate the efficiency of our method across a variety of real-world datasets and neighborhood sizes. Our approximate and exact L2Knng variants compute the k-nearest neighbor graph up to an order of magnitude faster than their respective baselines.

L2Knng can be downloaded from here.

Research topics: Data mining | Information retrieval | L2Knng