Parallel version of PartGraphRecursive


we are trying to partition a graph with 287496 vertices and an average of 8 edges per vertex using 287496 processors to ca. 32000 parts.
We tried it using PARMETIS_PartGraphKway but apparently Parmetis (as well as Metis) tries to allocate an integer array of size 32000^2 which fails miserably due to an integer overflow:

Error! ***Memory allocation failed for AllocateWorkSpace: pmat. Requested size: -1631581632

the same happens using METIS_PartGraphKway sequentially.

We were able to partition the graph using METIS_PartGraphRecursive on one processor, but would prefer a parallel partitioning startegy for scalability. Is there a ParMETIS counterpart for METIS_PartGraphKway?


Markus Blatt