Explanations on METIS_PartMeshDual

Hi everyone,

first of all thanks for providing such a powerful tool to the community!

In a serial environment, I use METIS_PartMeshDual to partition both elements and nodes of my FE mesh. That works totally fine.
Currently, I am trying to change my code to use ParMETIS. Unfortunately, ParMETIS does not provide such a convenience function to partition the mesh directly, but provides only graph partitioning functions. So I would like to mimic the functionality of METIS_PartMeshDual using the graph partitioning routines of ParMETIS.

Is there any documentation available on the methods used in METIS_PartMeshDual, or could just someone try to explain? I am especially interested in how the FEM-node partitioning works. (The element partition is straight forward once the dual graph is generated.)

Thanks for any help!