BDMPI - Big Data Message Passing Interface

The distribution of BDMPI contains a number of source files written entirely in ANSI C, and is currently designed for Linux systems.

Getting the files
The first step in getting and using BDMPI is to download the source distribution.
Available files for download
Latest stable release:
bdmpi-0.2.0.tar.gz source distribution

Older versions of BDMPI can be found here.

After downloading BDMPI you need to uncompress it and untar it. This is achieved by executing the following command:
tar -xzf bdmpi-x.y.z.tar.gz

At this point you should have a directory named bdmpi-x.y.z, This directory contains BDMPI's source code. To build BDMPI, follow the instructions in bdmpi-x.y.z/README.

Instructions describing how to use BDMPI can be found at bdmpi-x.y.z/doc/refmap.pdf or bdmpi-x.y.z/doc/html/index.html.