Multi-Objective Hypergraph Partitioning Algorithms for Cut and Maximum Subdomain Degree Minimization

Navaratnasothie Selvakkumaran and George Karypis
IEEE Transactions on CAD, 25(3), pp. 504-517, 2006
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In this paper we present a family of multi-objective hypergraph partitioning algorithms based on the multilevel paradigm, which are capable of producing solutions in which both the cut and the maximum subdomain degree are simultaneously minimized. This type of partitionings are critical for existing and emerging applications in VLSI CAD as they allow to both minimize and evenly distribute the interconnects across the physical devices. Our experimental evaluation on the ISPD98 benchmark show that our algorithms produce solutions that when compared against those produced by hMETIS have a maximum subdomain degree that is reduced by up to 36% while achieving comparable quality in terms of cut.
Research topics: Circuit partitioning | hMETIS | Placement | VLSI CAD