A Versatile Graph-based Approach to Package Recommentation

Roberto Interdonato, Salvatore Romeo, Andrea Tagarelli, and George Karypis
IEEE International Conference on Tools with Artificial Intelligence, 2013
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An emerging trend in research on recommender systems is the design of methods capable of recommending packages instead of single items. The problem is challenging due to a variety of critical aspects, including context-based and user- provided constraints for the items constituting a package, but also the high sparsity and limited accessibility of the primary data used to solve the problem. Most existing works on the topic have focused on a specific application domain (e.g., travel package recommendation), thus often providing ad-hoc solutions that cannot be adapted to other domains. By contrast, in this paper we propose a versatile package recommendation approach that is substantially independent of the peculiarities of a particular application domain. A key aspect in our framework is the exploitation of prior knowledge on the content type models of the packages being generated that express what the users expect from the recommendation task. Packages are learned for each package model, while the recommendation stage is accomplished by performing a PageRank-style method personalized w.r.t. the target user’s preferences, possibly including a limited budget. Our developed method has been tested on a TripAdvisor dataset and compared with a recently proposed method for learning composite recommendations.
Research topics: Collaborative filtering