Distribution of vertices among processes


I have two questions related to the distribution of vertices among processes prior to calling a partitioning function.

- When using ParMETIS_V3_AdaptiveRepart (), is there a performance difference between the Coupled and the Uncoupled configuration? How much?
- Let's say I'm assigning all vertices to Process 0 when using ParMETIS_V3_PartKway (). Is it going to perform like the serial METIS, or is there still a benefit to using several processes?

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RE: Here are some answers: 1.

Here are some answers:

1. There should not be a huge difference between coupled and un-coupled in terms of performance. If you have observed otherwise, let me know.
2. If you start with having all of them on a single node, it will perform like serial metis. Not a good idea.

RE: Ok, thank you. Louis.

Ok, thank you.