Metis detected an error in my input file

I'm trying Metis but I encountered a problem.

I need to partition a graph into several parts, but when I run: kmetis HG.graph 14, I get the following error message:

In the first line of the file, you specified that the graph contained
2060662 edges. However, I only found 1006961 edges in the file.
Please specify the correct number of edges in the first line of the file.

I didn't encounter this problem when I used hmetis on the same graph file. And I have tried to remove all spaces before and after each line and at the end of the file as suggested by many other threads, however the problem still persists.

Your help is highly appreciated.

A link to the file:

RE: Did you do a 'wc' at your

Did you do a 'wc' at your file? The first line indicates that there are 2060662 edges, which means that the file should have 2+2*2060662 values. The output of 'wc' shows that the file has 2013925 values. So something is missing...