Metis 5.1 gives Memory allocation failed for SetupCtrl: ctrl->tpwgts


I am trying to partition ~ 3 million mesh. My FORTRAN90 program calls following -

call METIS_PartGraphKway(gp%ncv_ib,ncon,nbocv_i,nbocv_v,0,0, &

I have following declared:
ncon = 1, npart = 10
ubvec(:) = 1.01
tpwgts(:) = 1.0/REAL(npart)
options(:)= 0

Earlier I was using Metis that comes with Parmet 3.0 and it was working fine. Now if I use metis 5.0, it gives me following error -

Current memory used: 392 bytes
Maximum memory used: 392 bytes
***Memory allocation failed for SetupCtrl: ctrl->tpwgts. Requested size: 10842907309714178088 bytes

Can someone please help? I am specifying IDXTYPEWIDTH 64 and REALTYPEWIDTH 64

Thanks much!