CLUTO ERROR Message "Value could not be found for column ..."

I am running CLUTO on a large dataset (170,000 rows, ~5 million columns, very sparse matrix) using the command :
./vcluster -clmethod=rb -sim=cos -cstype=largess -ntrials=1 -rlabelfile=rows -clabelfile=cols -showfeatures sparse_matrix 1000

However, I get the error :
Value could not be found for column! Row: 0 NNZ: 107132

I tried removing all rows from the file except for the first row, and kept only 107132 non-zero entries in the matrix and reproduced the same error. Now, if I remove 1 entry from towards the end, it works (well, it seg faults since it expects at least 2 rows in the file, but that's another issue altogether). I have checked and double-checked the input and it conforms to the ( )* format for sparse matrices.

Is this because CLUTO can handle at most 107132 dimensions/columns? Under what conditions can CLUTO return this error?
On another note, is it possible to get the source code of CLUTO?


RE: This problem has been fixed

This problem has been fixed in 2.1.2 and later releases.