How can we set user-defined similarity function.

we want to perform RB clmethod based on the similarity measure as the inner-product rather than cosine similarity.

However, inner-product measure is unavailable for RB clmethod.

how can we use user-defined similarity measure ?

There is any material for this, although CLUTO says that user-defined similarity is one of main features.

Please, help me.

RE: RB clmethod based on the similarity measure

RB clmethod based on the similarity measure, this feature looks great,maybe we can use user defined functions to work it out~


RE: Further comment on similarity setting.

I'm the person who posted this topic.

For this problem, we can use "scluster" program which deals with arbitrary similarity, however,

this is much slower than "vcluster".

We found that our problem cannot be sufficiently evaluated only using "scluster" problem.

Is there method to define user-specific similarity at library level ?

RE: Unfortunately there is no

Unfortunately there is no such option and most likely will never be, as vcluster's efficiency is based on taking advantage of the properties of the similarity functions that are currently used.