[URGENT] Using the option -showtree with scluster.exe

I have an URGENT question but wich could also be a bug report.

I am clustering 1682 objects using the scluster program. To do this I feed scluster with the similarity matrix "similarity.txt" which contains the similarity between each item. I use the following syntax:

scluster -clmethod=rb -crfun=i1 -cstype=best -showtree -fulltree similarity.txt

where is the number of clusters. The program work fine when < 300, but when for example it's 700, it crashes and windows tell me that it's trying to access unaloacted memory. However, it created the cltree file without any problem so I think it's when it tries to display the tree on the screen. My questions is the follwoing, is there a parameter I can use in order to ONLY build the hierarchical agglomerative tree WITHOUT displaying it (as -showtree does both).

Thanks in advance

Vincent Schickel