[URGENT] Problem with the option -showtree

I have an URGENT question but which could also be a bug report.

I am clustering 1682 objects using the scluster program. To do this I feed scluster with the similarity matrix "similarity.txt" which contains the similarity between each item. I use the following syntax to run the clustering:

scluster -clmethod=rb -crfun=i1 -cstype=best -showtree -fulltree similarity.txt N

where N is the number of clusters. The program work fine when N LESS_THAN 300, but if bigger it crashes. However, the file cltree was correctly created. I think that it's using to much memory when it wants to display the tree. Expecially when looking at the memroy usage, at one point it used over 380Mb of RAM just before crashing!

My question is the followed: is there a way to ONLY build de hierachical agglo. tree in the file cltree WITHOUT displaying it (as -showtree does both).

Thanks in advancce,

Vincent Schickel

RE: Can you please open an issue

Can you please open an issue in http://glaros.dtc.umn.edu/flyspray and also upload the data file that creates the problem.