Input file format

I went through the METIS manual, but the explanation of the input file format is explained quite confusingly.
I have a data file structured as

the graph needs to have the ping response time as the weight of the respective edge, but the vertices are unweighed

So assuming that this graph would have 300,000 vertices, I believe my input file should begin with

300,000 1

Is that correct?

Also, I am unsure how the rest of the data input file should be ordered. Could someone please help me out?

Thanks in advance.


RE: The format of the file

The format of the file should be like the one on Figure 8b of the manual.

The first line should have
<#vertices> <#edges> 1

Then the rest of the file should have 300000 lines, one for each vertex, starting from vertex one, and it will contain a list of pairs, where vtxid is the
id of an adjacent vertex, and edgewgt is the weight of that edge.