Problems importing delimited text file

Has anyone encountered an issue with importing delimited files into gCluto? I started with a suggested conversion of a relatively large file from a spreadsheet to a delimited text file, but received the following error.

Data: error at (0, 0)
DataItem: Error in data file D:\Test\Test.txt'
DataItem: Could not load data

Then I manually made a small test TXT trying various delimiters (space, comma, semicolon, tab), but the issue persists.
What's the catch?

Contents of the test file:
one two three
1 18 19
2 20 25
1 15 23
1 50 13
2 23 25

All thoughts wiil be greatly appreciated!


RE: Any hints for this is till have the same problem???

Thanks for any support as this issue renders the program unusable