About the file format of hmetis input

I am a freshman in this field. So maybe the problem is too simple,but now it is puzzled me.

The provided example of the .hgr input file is like left below,
4 7 10 4 7 10
1 2 p1 a2
1 7 5 6 a1 a7 p5 a6
5 6 4 ......
2 3 4 .....
5 5
1 1
8 8
7 ..
3 .
9 .
3 .
I want to know weather the file like the righ above works or not?
I tried to convert the ispd98 benchmarks ibm01 and then i had this problem.May be who can tell me? Or who can send me one small example of .hgr file of ispd98 benchmarks.And that will help me greatly!
Thanks very much!

RE: sorry for the box-up of the post

the file i want to show is below,
4 7 10
p1 a2
a1 p7 a5 a6
a5 a6 a4
a2 a3 a4
i am wondering weather this file can work or not?
I tried to convert the ispd98 benchmarks ibm01 to .hgr format and the i had this problem.Maybe who can help me or send a small example .hgr file of the ispd98 benchmarks.Thanks very much. mingwei.han@gmail.com

RE: The .hgr format does not

The .hgr format does not accept alphanumeric cell names/numbers. You need to map all the cells/pads/etc in your circuit into continuous integers and use these to specify your nets.

RE: Thanks

Thanks very much.Have a good time!