Multi constraint partitioning + vertex pre-assign


I am trying to find an algorithm that supports multi-contraint partitioning + vertex pre-assign.
By reading the METIS family manuals (Metis & hMetis) i found that the first of them supports multi-constraint partitioning, while the second one has the vertex pre-assignment feature.

I have also tried to make a graph for the hMetis tool where each vertex has three weights. The tool does not report any error during either the graph parsing or the partitioning phase. However, the resulted graphs are identical to those retrieved with only one vertex weight (the hMetis seems to ignore the rest weights (2nd and 3rd)).

Is there any option, for Metis or hMetis to support multi-constraint partitioning with vertex pre-assignement?


Kostas Siozios

RE: The multi-constraint version

The multi-constraint version of hmetis is in the works. Actually the alpha release of 2.0 has already some built-in support for that but needs to be cleaned up. Hopefully, I will be able to do so by the end of January or so.