ParMETIS and 64 bit idxtype

Hi everybody,

we are currently trying to use ParMETIS on very huge Graphs, so we would like to change idxtype from 32 bit to 64 bit.
Out idea was to use METIS 5.0pre2 together with ParMETIS 3.1.0 and adapt the missing pieces ourselves.
Do you think that is reasonable? Has anybody done something like that before and could maybe give some hints or even share their code?

I've already noticed that some functions do not seem to exist anymore in METIS 5.0pre2 (like METIS_mCPartGraphRecursive2 for example). Have only the names changed, so that I can use the new functions (METIS_mCPartGraphRecursive in this case)?

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RE: I'm in the middle of

I'm in the middle of modifying ParMetis so that it will work on 64 bits along with the new Metis. I'm about a few weeks away from a working alpha...

RE: ParMETIS and 64 bit idxtype

Hendrik, I have exactly the same problem. Did you succeed in linking METIS 5.0pre2 and ParMETIS 3.1.0?
Did you find any reasonable alternative? Anyone else a parallel version of METIS 64 bit?
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