use CLUTO with java

i have to use CLUTO with a java progam i download cluto-2.1.1 but i dont know how use it with java.
can you give me some url links about CLUTO and Java.

RE: Hi I'm also using the cluto

I'm also using the cluto with java. But still i have lack of knowledge about cluto. I mainly used the sparse matrix format - the rows are the documents while the columns are the features. So in this case, the rows are the queries (approximately 800,173) and the ngram counts (approximately 83K) are the columns.I was surprised - Cluto was extremely fast. I wrote some code to generate an HTML report for each cluster - so I could look at the queries that were placed in each cluster. So i also want to know about the use of cluto.

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RE: This may useful for you.

This may useful for you.

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