metis limit of

I am using metis4.0 to partition for my Fortran based code. The input grid contains 3.75 million elements. I have been running my code without any problem with upto 2.5 million cells but now I get this problem:

Error! ***Memory allocation failed for SetUpCoarseGraph: gdata. Requested
size: 141504532 bytes"

I plan to run more than 6 million cells in future. Can someone please help further to sort this out?



RE: I used metis for graphs with

I used metis for graphs with round about 40 million nodes and a machine with 16GB main memory (half of memory was used by my programm and the metis graph. the memory usuage is a problem and it often crashes. the exact needage of memory belongs to your problem.

RE: Thanks for the reply. wow!!

Thanks for the reply.
wow!! 40 million nodes is huge.
Unfortunately I have 2GB memory on my front end machine. So, what you suggest to sort it (apart from changing the headnode memory which doesnot seem possible at this stage)? Will parallel metis (Parmetis) be of some help?
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RE: sorting: no ideo, sorry

sorting: no ideo, sorry :D
parMetis: depends on... if your graph fits into memory it will work! maybe it's possible to seperate the partitioning step from your program. just write an mets-graph file an do the domain decompostion outside with mot available memory (or just spend 50 euro to upgrade to 4GB RAM ;-) )