Parallel Threshold-based ILU Factorization

George Karypis and Vipin Kumar
Proceedings of 9th Supercomputing Conference, pp. 1 - 24,, 1997
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Factorization algorithms based on threshold incomplete LU factorization have been found to be quite effective in preconditioning iterative system solvers. However, their parallel formulations have not been well understood and they have been considered to be unsuitable for distributed memory parallel computers. In this paper we present a highly parallel formulation of such factorization algorithms. Our algorithm utilizes parallel multilevel k-way partitioning and independent set computation algorithms to effectively parallelize both the factorization as well as the solution of the resulting triangular systems, used in the application of the preconditioner. Our experiments on Cray~T3D show that significant speedup can be achieved in both operations; thus, allowing threshold incomplete factorizations to be successfully used as preconditioners in parallel iterative solvers for sparse linear systems.
Research topics: Parallel processing | Scientific computing