Segmentation fault using both old (1.5) and new (2.0) versions of HMetis on a graph with power-law degree distribution


While trying to partition a hypergraph (#vertices: 2500, #hyperedges: 100000), which has power-law degree distribution (its a zipfian distribution with beta=0.99), both the old and new versions return a segmentation fault. From the logs, it appears that the problem occurs while partitioning the graph in the last stage of coarsening (#vertices: 1, #hyperedges: 0). Is there a known solution to this problem?

The problem can be recreated using the following graph file. I was trying to partition it into 250 partitions with a balance factor of 5.
Graph file:

The logs obtained after execution are here --
Log for version 1.5 :
Log for version 2.0 :

Any help is greatly appreciated.


RE: Updated graph file

The link for the graph file, provided above, does not work; here`s the updated link: