METIS_partgraphvkway not included in libmetis.a


I compiled parmetis-4.0.1 but the libmetis.a library that gets creted doesn't contain a refernce for "metis_partgraphvkway":

nm libmetis.a | grep -i metis_partgraph
0000000000000180 T METIS_PARTGRAPHKWAY
U METIS_PartGraphKway
U METIS_PartGraphRecursive
00000000000001e0 T metis_partgraphkway
0000000000000240 T metis_partgraphkway_
00000000000002a0 T metis_partgraphkway__
0000000000000060 T metis_partgraphrecursive
00000000000000c0 T metis_partgraphrecursive_
0000000000000120 T metis_partgraphrecursive__
0000000000000000 T METIS_PartGraphRecursive
U METIS_PartGraphKway
U METIS_PartGraphRecursive
0000000000000000 T METIS_PartGraphKway
U METIS_PartGraphRecursive

Should it be? Did I miss a flag to get it included?

Thanks in advance,


RE: You should take a look at the

You should take a look at the API of Metis 5.0. It has changed over the previous API. IT does not contain the vkway routine. The same functionality is achieved by the partgraphkway routine.