Input graph format with weighted edges

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Here is the context : I need to partition a graph which each edge is weighted. Except that, it a classical graph without coordinates. Anyway, according to the ParMETIS manual I need to use the ParMETIS_V3_PartKway routine. But in this same manual, I didn't find how to write my input graph file in order to add weight on edges. How can I do that? Other question : Is ParMETIS_V3_PartKway use these weights to partition the graph?

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RE: ParMetis is designed to be

ParMetis is designed to be used via its library API. So the manual does not describe the format of the input files used by the testing programs that come along with the library. The format of those files is identical to that of the serial Metis program, and is described in Metis' manual.

ParMETIS_V3_PartKway is the right routine and it does take weights on the edges (adjwgt array).


RE: Thank you! It helped me a

Thank you! It helped me a lot. Before coding an application which will call ParMETIS, I did some try with ./parmetis binary. So with the format described in Metis manual, it worked perfectly.

RE: About format in parmetis ~~

Hi?I have a question about the format in parmetis

Usage: parmetis

How do I input these Parameters?


RE: The command-line programs

The command-line programs supplied with ParMetis are for testing purposes (by the parmetis developers) and this is why they are not documented.