Changes in decomposition with 4.0.1.

I have been using ParMetis for a number of years now, and recently I switched to version 4.0.1 from version 3.1. Previous versions gave me the same decomposition when using the same number of processors, but I noticed with version 4.0.1 the decomposition has changed. I have checked my inputs and they are all the same as far as I can tell. Both of my versions call ParMETIS_V3_PartKway, but one from 3.1 and one from 4.0.1. Both use the default options (at least option[0]=0). Is there something I can do to get the same decomposition with both versions?

In general it does not matter, but for parallel testing purposes on my code I would like to be able to force the same decomposition to compare to old versions.


RE: Many things have changed in

Many things have changed in 4.0.1 over 3.1 that makes it impossible to produce the same solutions that 3.1 did. Sorry but you need to generate a new set of test problems for regression testing. Also, given that the underlying algorithms are randomized, the partitionings may also change in future releases of the code.