Installing ParMETIS 4.0.2 does not install metis.h

I tried to install and use ParMETIS 4.0.2 but the header
metis.h does not get installed. I followed the provided
install instructions and configured it using prefix=..
that I get ParMETIS installed in one folder.
Unfortunately the include directory does only contain
parmetis.h and no metis.h.

A colleague analyzed the situation and found out that:

It looks like a glitch in the CMake scripts to me. When building metis
within parmetis (METIS_PATH CMake variable is not specfified), the
variable METIS_INSTALL is not set. This leads to a missing install step
for the metis library. Further, the CMakeLists.txt file in metis/include
is never processed, so the install command for metis.h is not processed.

Is he right? Or is this new behavior intended?

Thanks for having a look

RE: Not fixed in 4.0.3

I had the same issue with ParMETIS 4.0.3. Can you confirm this or is it me?

RE: Installing METIS when installing ParMETIS 4.0.2


I've tried to identify the changes to the Makefiles/flags, etc. needed to build and install METIS when building and installing ParMETIS 4.0.2. I gather that the oversight that METIS is not automatically made in the current ParMETIS distribution may be fixed in the future, but I'm assuming that there should be some straightforward modifications to the Makefiles in 4.0.2 that will do the trick. I've looked over the internet and no one seems to have posted the fix.

Has anyone had success building METIS from within the ParMETIS 4.0.2 distribution?


RE: Will be fixed next time

Will be fixed next time around.

RE: When is next time?

Great to hear that it'll be fixed next time around. Do you have any plans when this next time will be?

It's annoying to teach users how to fix the installation. And they cannot use distro packages as the license is not free…
Thank you!