Is Metis inside ParMETIS(4.0.2) the same to serial Metis(5.0.2) ?


I'm using both Metis and ParMETIS packages and could somebody clarify for me the subject of the topic ?
Speaking in another words - can I use the limetis library, built from the sources of the libparmetis library, to get partitioning ? Will it be the same to partitioning generated by "originally serial" Metis ?

Thank you.

P.S. I could find any differences between the source folders.

RE: Yes you can. ParMetis

Yes you can. ParMetis contains a verbatim copy of Metis.


RE: Version dependency list


Is there a ParMetis and Metis version dependency list anywhere? I need to know precisely which version of Metis ParMetis 3.2.0 uses.


RE: The 3.2 version of Parmetis,

The 3.2 version of Parmetis, uses its own version of Metis. It is not until the 4.x ParMetis releases, that the Metis code is used as is within ParMetis.