metis 5.0 on fortran90 - how set options?

hi, I use without any problem metis4.0 in my fortran 90 code.
but when I update to the new version 5.0.2 the code stop to work and I see some message like:

"Input Error: Incorrect niter."
"Input Error: Incorrect ncuts."

the error is probably due to a wrong set of the variable "options" because... I don't know how to set.

in the previous version 4.0, the length of options are (0:4). if options(0)==0 then use default condition; else, I have to set manually options(1:4). I always use default condition with no problem.

on the other hand, in v5.0.2, the length of options is bigger (and different if I consider METIS_PartGraphRecursive or METIS_PartGraphKway). the most important option I have to set is METIS_OPTION_NUMBERING: I use fortran, so I need to set options(METIS_OPTION_NUMBERING)=1. but, how can I do?
obviously, if I wrote "options(METIS_OPTION_NUMBERING)=1", the code send me a message of error because METIS_OPTION_NUMBERING is not define.

please, if someone can answer me I'll appreciate it a lot.

RE: Hi, you have two options that


you have two options that are equivalent (after allocating properly options vector):
integer, allocatable :: options(:)
* call METIS_SetDefaultOptions(options)
* options = -1

You might be interested in having arrays starting in 1, as it is usual in Fortran. For that:
options(17) = 1 ! METIS_OPTION_NUMBERING.

This thread might be related to yours:

I have to point that I'm using v5.1.0