Calling METIS_NodeND in Metis 5.0.2 from fortran95

I have been using METIS_NodeND from a FORTRAN program successfully for a number of years; the
main difficulty has been that it did not have a `graceful exit' for the cases where it failed.

I noticed that version 5.0.2 now supplies flags for errors & would like to upgrade to it.
However, I can't figure out how to:
1) set the options required
a) calling METIS_SetDefaultOptions sets all elements of the integer vector supplied to -1
b) options(METIS_OPTION_NUMBERING) = 1 gives me an error as the variable METIS_OPTION_NUMBERING
is not defined
2) retrieve the variables METIS_OK, METIS_ERROR, etc.

What am I missing? Is there a module somewhere which sets these quantities (including metis.h does not work)??

Has anybody got this to work and would be able to give an example?

thanks in advance for any help!

RE: These are defined in metis.h.

These are defined in metis.h.

RE: metis.h for fortran

thanks for your prompt reply.

how then do I make the contents of metis.h available to my fortran program -
I can't simply include it as you would in a c program (I tried, it fails
with 'not a valid fortran statement'). Is there a Fortran version of metis.h ?